• DaVinci Meets Iris

    DaVinci Meets Iris

    Directed by Authors for Intel. I color corrected this piece on an Intel engineer’s one man […]

  • Felled trailer

    Felled trailer

    Felled is a feature length documentary film about giving new life to fallen urban trees. I […]

  • Mio Global

    Mio Global

    The athletes that rely on Mio Global’s fitness trackers are a breed all their own. I […]

  • Inside the Fab

    Inside the Fab

    Meet John Breseke, Director of Manufacturing IT at Intel whose job it is to manage the […]

  • Newegg.com Back to School

    Newegg.com Back to School

    All the new gear, play by play.

  • Intel Experience at Best Buy

    Intel Experience at Best Buy

    Intel wanted to let customers experience first hand what Intel technology can do for music, 3D […]

  • ISEF Philippines

    ISEF Philippines

    For ten years JP carried a backpack from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair dreaming […]

  • RedBull Battlegrounds Starcraft Tournament

    RedBull Battlegrounds Starcraft Tournament

    RedBull eSport’s final Starcraft tournament wanted to profile each athlete before their first match with content shot […]

  • Intel Family :30

    Intel Family :30

    Following the “Look Inside” brand guidelines I color graded this spot to look natural yet slightly […]

  • Giving Quadriplegics a Voice

    Giving Quadriplegics a Voice

    Intel wanted to highlight how a high school student created a way for disabled persons to control […]

  • Mograph Reel 2015

    Mograph Reel 2015

    Clips gathered from motion graphics projects from the last few years.

  • ChatPro


    ChatPro helps businesses connect with their customers, so I teamed up with Blinktank to explain how they do it.

  • Halford: Live at Saitama Super Arena

    Halford: Live at Saitama Super Arena

    The Metal God rocks Japan.

  • Intel VDR: Cross Platform Gaming

    Intel VDR: Cross Platform Gaming

    Intel has you covered no matter how you game.

  • 5 Minutes for my favorite 501c3

    5 Minutes for my favorite 501c3

    Intel wanted to encourage people to give to their favorite non-profit through the United Way. I […]

  • HR focal training

    HR focal training

    Intel build new tools to help mangers better guide employee through their yearly performance reviews (known […]

  • Mini Countryman

    Mini Countryman

    Mograph on the go for MINI

  • God of All

    God of All

    GOD of ALL follows the story of a recently returned missionary who Is preparing to meet […]

  • Intel VDR: Multitasking

    Intel VDR: Multitasking

    Sure your computer is fast, but can it really multitask?

  • Baby Cakes TEASER

    Baby Cakes TEASER

    The Prowling Kind were in the studio and wanted to let fans have a peek at their new song Baby Cakes.

  • Solar car

    Solar car

    Intel technology powers the Michigan Solar Car across the Australian outback. Color corrected as a part […]

  • Otis – DITL of an Intel Process Engineer

    Otis – DITL of an Intel Process Engineer

    I edited this profile of an ordinary day in the life of an Intel Process Engineer.

  • They Danced In Darkness

    They Danced In Darkness

    Projected motion graphics help set the tone in this video series for Advent.

  • GILEAD Treatment Initiation

    GILEAD Treatment Initiation

    Gina, with the support of her sister, shares the story of finding out that she’s HIV […]